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Instructions for the Betvisa registration process

Registering for Betvisa is the first step for you to become an official member of the house. This is the tool that helps the system distinguish between players. From there, it will be easier to store your information and bets. Let's learn about the account creation process right below!

How to register for Betvisa?

The registration process is very quick, with just a few basic personal information, you immediately own a betting account. Let's learn more about how to do it as follows:

  • Step 1: Access bookmaker Betvisa slot using the correct official link.

  • Step 2: In the right corner of the screen, click on "Register" to proceed to the next steps.

  • Step 3: A new form will appear, including fields to fill in information, for example: Account name, password, email, phone number, currency, etc. Your task is to fill in all this information. Truly accurate and genuine.

  • Step 4: Send the authentication order to the dealer, then wait for the specialist to process the information you provided. If the owner and owner match, the system will report success. On the contrary, you need to check again to see if any points are inappropriate or inaccurate, then correct them immediately.

Notes when registering for Betvisa that you need to pay attention to

Betvisa app registration needs to be done according to the process we provide. In addition, you need to pay attention to some important information to avoid making unnecessary mistakes, specifically as follows:

Select Betvisa's main address to provide information

To ensure the accuracy and transparency of information, please select Betvisa's main address when providing your personal information. From there, you will minimize the possibility of fraudulent websites appropriating your data when you fill in your personal information.

Use 100% standard information

When filling in the blanks in the registration form, make sure all details are accurate and in the required format. Accurate information helps the verification and transaction process go more smoothly, because all subsequent operations use what you provide right from this step.

Do not register for someone else

An official set of information can only register for Betvisa once, so using your data to create an account for someone else is not recommended. Because every betting activity will be related to you.

Therefore, absolutely do not ask anyone to provide this information!

Each person can only create one Betvisa account

Betvisa only allows one account per person. This helps maintain fairness and avoids abusing the system to receive promotions. Along with that, it creates a green playing field, minimizing the situation where one person can use multiple accounts to participate in the same betting table.

Check out some additional offers that come with the registration process

For new players, the house has a policy of offering additional welcome promotions. In addition, there are also top-up promotional events, etc. Please check the details to see what the conditions are to receive this bonus to receive additional starting gifts!


Extra promotions

  • Deposit 50 Free 88 Bonus

  • 10% Daily Bonus

  • Spin and Win

  • Lucky Sunday

  • Signup Free 5 Lucky draw

  • Deposit 1,000 Get Free 2,000

  • 200% Welcome Bonus on Slots & Fishing

  • 100% Welcome Bonus on Cock Fight

  • 50% Welcome Bonus on Sports

  • 50% Welcome Bonus on Live Casino

  • 20% Daily Reload Bonus on Slots & Fishing

  • 15% Daily Reload Bonus on Cock Fight


Introducing Tien Len Card Game

Tien Len is a popular folk card game in Vietnam and many other countries around the world. This game is usually played with a regular deck of Western cards, and the player's goal is to defeat their opponents by coming up with higher value decks of cards.

How to Play Tien Len Card Game on Betvisa

Step 1: Login or Register Account: First, you need to log in or register an account on Betvisa to experience the Tien Len card game.

Step 2: Select Game Table: After successfully logging in, you will be transferred to the Tien Len game room. Here, you can choose a table that suits your bet level and number of players.

Step 3: Start Playing: Once you have chosen a table, you will be waited until there are enough players. Then the game will begin and each player will be given 13 cards.

Step 4: Play Cards: Play starts from the person sitting to the left of the dealer. That player can play one or more decks of cards that have a higher value than the previous deck of cards.

Step 5: Victory: The player who runs out of cards first will be the winner of that round. Specific rules and scores may vary depending on the specific version of the game.

Step 6: Continue Playing or Withdraw: After each game, you can continue to stay at the table and continue playing or withdraw if you want.


The card game Tien Len on Betvisa not only brings exciting moments of entertainment but also an opportunity to show off skills and win. Join Betvisa today and experience the game Tien Len with a large and enthusiastic community of players!

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